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engine test, dynamometer, net power, ECE R85

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Aleksić, Stojan, and Gordana Blagojević. 2022. “TESTING THE CHARACTERISTICS OF INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES”. NIR 1 (21):37. https://doi.org/10.59417/nir.2022.21.37.


For the purpose of determining the characteristics of an engine, the term engine brake (dynamometer)
means a device used to measure the power and torque of an internal combustion engine. This device is used to
simulate the road load of the engine. The external characteristic of the aggregate includes all its most important
parameters, i.e., it represents the form of the obtained mechanical energy that has reached the flywheel of the drive
unit and which represents the display of the available energy at the entrance to the transmission. The basis of
measurement on the engine brake (dynamometer) is the measurement of maximum power and engine torque.
Laboratory tests of the characteristics of internal combustion engines are usually performed according to the
provisions of the ECE R85 standard.

pdf (Bosanski)
doc (Bosanski)


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