Open access

Open access policy

NIR is issued under the regime of the so-called open access. All its content is available to users for free. Users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search the full text of articles, as well as establish HTML links to them, without the obligation to seek the consent of the author or publisher.

The right to use content without written consent does not relieve users of the obligation to cite journal content in the manner described under Licensing.

Archiving the digital version

All published journal volumes are archived by law in the digital depository of the National Library of Serbia and simultaneously deposited in the SCIndex Repository - Serbian Citation Index as the primary full-text database.

Billing of costs to authors

NIR does not charge publishing costs to authors or third parties. The services of submitting manuscripts and their processing, as well as the services of publishing articles, are free of charge. There are no hidden costs.

Article submission charges

There is no article submission charges.

Article Processing Charges

There is no article processing charges.

DOI for Online Articles

There is no charge for authors.

Publishing Charges

There is no charge for authors.